About Us

We are the founders and creators of the famous WPScan CLI tool, which is included in Kali Linux and many other Linux distributions. The first version of the WPScan CLI tool was released in 2011 from a need to consolidate all of WordPress's security failings into a single tool. The WPScan CLI tool quickly became widely used amongst the security and WordPress communities. We are also the people who founded and run the WPScan Vulnerability Database, a constantly updated and bespoke WordPress vulnerability database.

The WPScan Team




Hack the Planet

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to the sustainability of our home, planet Earth. Deforestation, oil production and use, industrial farming, pollution, and many other factors are threatening our very existence. World governments are not doing enough to help tackle climate change with the urgency that is needed. We as businesses and individuals have to take responsibility to try to curb the destruction of our home.

To do our part for climate change we pledge to:

  • 1. Donate 2% of our yearly profits to a charity that positively impacts climate change.
  • 2. Favour third party vendors with green initiatives.